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Consistent, Carefully Graded Sand Products

Our highly customizable sand products are used by everyone from utility companies to golf courses.

Home Applications
Homeowners who need playground sand or sandbox sand can choose from a variety of products. We recommend Coarse Sand, but many homeowners like our premium quality Top Dressing Sand for its consistency. We used top dressing sand in our giant sandbox display.

Looking for a sandcastle-building sand? Ultrafine sand, which is a 50-50 sand-silt blend, is our newest sandbox sand. It also makes an excellent volleyball court sand and beach sand when wet.

Homeowners looking for a clubhouse-grade lawn can also distribute Top Dressing Sand on their lawns after aerating. A coarser sand may be necessary depending on your lawn’s soil composition. Read more about top dressing here.

Horse Arenas
Top Dressing Sand is a popular choice for padding horse arenas. Depending on how coarse you like your sand, Utility Sand may also be a good option.

Natural and Synthetic Turf Products
Washington Rock’s Top Dressing Sand meets USGA specifications and is double washed for extra cleanliness.

We also offer a kiln-dried version that falls into aeration holes easily. Some of the best courses in the Pacific Northwest use our golf course products.

Our Infill Sand has been used up and down the West Coast on public and professional sports fields in conjunction with a cushioning agent such as crumb rubber pellets. Clients value our product because of its consistency and stability.

Well-Draining Fill
Coarse Sand, Fill Sand, and Utility Sand are great options for filling areas that need adequate drainage, such as around pipes. Our Utility Sand is especially well suited as a non-conductive material to backfill around utilities.

Concrete and Mortar
Fine Sand is frequently used in cement and mortar mixes.

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