Happy National Miners Day!

This year, our Washington Rock team members . . .
. . . sold over 1.3 million tons of material.
. . . served nearly 600 different customers.
. . . sold over 160 different products.
. . . worked over 120,000 hours.

Our biggest project by ton was the I-5 M Street to Portland Avenue job with KLB Construction. Of all of our products, 1 ¼” minus tailings was the most popular.

Highlights from this Year
A lot of exciting changes have taken place this year. After a year of hard work, the new plant at King Creek Plant is finally running.

The King Creek Pit expansion included a new surge tunnel system.

Recently, we hired Steve Smith as operations manager to help King Creek Pit and Kapowsin Quarry work together more efficiently. Steve worked for Martin Marietta for two years as plant manager.

Steve Smith received a bachelor’s degree in geomatics and survey engineering in 2015.

Did you know that we shipped Armorstone as far as New Jersey in 2017? Not only is Armorstone being shipped nationwide but our infill sand for synthetic turf fields is making an impact. We most recently shipped infill sand to Anchorage, Alaska, where it will be used in the new field at The Dome.

Our Employees Make Washington Rock Possible
I appreciate everything our team members do for Washington Rock and all of the hard work that goes into making products for construction projects across the U.S.

From public parks to private gardens, Washington Rock has provided material to many different projects. But June provided a first for us: supplying material for an art installation. …Continued

If you enjoyed Washington Rock’s display or didn’t have a chance to see it, please check out pictures below. You can also find a list of the plants from the Spring Fair here.

I first saw my dad (Harry Hart, the founder of Washington Rock) reading Out of Crisis about 10 years ago. The cover was blue and featured a small portrait of an elderly man. The portrait was of the author, W. Edwards Deming. …Continued

Happy National Miners Day!

In February, we learned from David Langford about how to improve our company and our processes. I’m amazed by how much better we work as a team and how much we’ve accomplished since then. Just take a look at these numbers from the past year.