Tucked away in the woods of Graham is a sprawling garden from the pages of a storybook. Swaths of flowers border a lawn that flows in different directions. Each garden bed is flush with hundreds of plants: fluffy peonies here, yellow clusters of ranunculus there, colonies of hosta winding like a forest stream. The colors and forms are endless.


Part 1: The Basics

Dear Washington Rock: I’m creating a gravel garden path, but it has to pack well because a wheelchair will roll on it. I have to get this right so the homeowner using the wheelchair can get her exercise and use her garden.

Do you have advice on how to create a wheelchair-accessible gravel path?

—Daniel from Brooklyn, NY

Below you’ll find an in-depth discussion about how to make gravel surfaces wheelchair accessible. Check out Part 2: Application to see our video about Daniel’s project and how we adapted these standards using local materials. Part 2 has not yet been published.


This article explores how The Hidden Farm uses ¼” minus Trail Mix Gravel to create cement-like paths and flooring for weddings and then easily transitions it into a horse arena footing in the winter. The sections “The Secret Ingredient: Trail Mix Gravel” and “Megan’s Gravel Recipe for Paddocks” contain specific information about how gravel products are used. Don’t forget to watch our video about The Hidden Farm located at the end of the article. We hope you enjoy the beautiful story of The Hidden Farm.

Just beyond the shorelines of Lake Tapps, The Hidden Farm sits on a hill surrounded by acres of pastureland. The valley below is dotted with grazing horses and cattle, and in the distance are the snow-frosted foothills of Mt. Rainier.

The viewpoint at the rim of the hill is bordered by a granite rockery. Behind the rockery stretches a smooth, green lawn, flanked on one side by horse stables and on the other side, a horse arena and a classic red barn.


You found a rock supplier like Washington Rock Quarries who can deliver rock, sand, and soil materials directly to your home. But many rock suppliers like us don’t provide placement, landscaping, or design services. So how do you find a contractor who can work with our materials? We provided some useful information to get you started in your search.