Delivery Services

Schedule a delivery with our dispatcher.

Ready to schedule a delivery? Head to the Contact Us page to place a call or fill out a quote request form. We’ll give you the information you need, and then you can decide whether or not it fits your needs and budget. We do not use high-pressure sales tactics.

Check out our guide for more information about our delivery process.

Licensed and Insured
Our dispatcher will coordinate with local trucking companies who are licensed and insured to pick up your order from the quarry and deliver it to your home on the days that work best for you.

Minimum Delivery Order
Customers must order a minimum of 10 cubic yards of material (approximately one solo dump truck load) to qualify for delivery. If you need less than 10 cubic yards, a sales team member can refer you to a local landscaping supplier who carries our products. Or you can check out our Suppliers referral page.

Delivery Schedule
We do everything possible to work within your schedule and deliver the materials you need when you need them.

Advance notice during busy periods, especially the summertime, is very helpful and may be required. We supply a high volume of products to time-critical commercial and public works projects. We ask for your patience as we coordinate transportation.

Material Spreading
Prices quoted are for material delivery only. If spreading is requested on driveways, our driver will do his or her best to dump the material evenly. However, Washington Rock cannot guarantee that this will result in an even distribution of material. It is up to customers to supply the equipment and labor necessary to finish their driveways.

Infill and Armorstone Deliveries
Call our sales assistant, Nikki, at (253) 686-1466. Nikki works with customers ordering infill and specialty chip rock products like Armorstone. These products are deliverable to US territories in addition to all fifty states.