Waste Disposal

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  • Convenient Location
    Washington Rock Quarries is located less than 20 miles from South Hill in Puyallup, providing a close and convenient location for recycling materials.
  • Truck Contracting
    Washington Rock can work with trucking companies to facilitate pick-up of recyclable materials.

Washington Rock recycles asphalt and concrete and crushes them for reuse.

Washington Rock accepts waste products such as topsoil and concrete.
The crushed products can be used as gravel, base course, riprap, and new concrete aggregates. Recycled concrete and asphalt from demolished roadways or structures can be reused on roadways and in construction projects.

Waste fill must be certified and exceed 200 tons.
Before material is accepted, it must be tested to ensure that it isn’t contaminated with hazardous materials such as heavy metals or petroleum products. Unfortunately, we don’t accept waste from personal residences.

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