Bagged Aggregates

We can bag sand, soil, and gravel up to 4 inches and arrange delivery.

Washington Rock works with contractors to bag aggregates for special projects, such as high-rise landscaping, golf course sanding, road overlays, and more. We can also provide Super Sacks of sand for flood control.

Bagged Sand, Soil, and Gravel
We can bag sand, soil, and gravel up to 4 inches in diameter in Super Sacks. The largest crushed rock size that we bag is 2″ x 4″ quarry spalls.

100% Recyclable Super Sacks
Our four-panel Super Sack containers are made of a woven polypropylene container that is 100% recyclable.

Dried Sand and Rock Products in Super Sacks
Certain projects require dried products, such as Armorstone Overlay Aggregates for road overlays and Ultra Dry Sand for golf courses. We can dry most sand and gravel products up to 4 inches in our high-capacity ALmix dryer.

High-Rise Buildings and Tight Areas

Bagged sand and gravel products are the perfect option for high-rise buildings and areas where dumping isn’t possible.

Customizable Delivery Options
We work with local and national transportation agencies to ship products via solo truck, side dump, truck-and-trailer combo, slinger truck, flatbed truck, freight truck, railcar, barge, and more. We can also load customer vehicles.

Oversized Sandbags
We have supplied Super Sacks of sand during the flooding season to areas throughout Washington State. We also supply product to bagging facilities.