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  • Durability
    Armorstone is a hard, durable material that prevents skidding on epoxy polymer surfaces.
  • National Availability
    Washington Rock can deliver anywhere in the US and to US territories.
  • Customizability
    Armorstone can be manufactured to meet any spec, including state DOT regulations.

Armorstone is an enhanced-friction surface course used in bridge deck overlays and road surfacing.

Armorstone overlay aggregate makes roads safe and durable.
Bridges and roads wear down over time due to traffic, weather damage, and chemical corrosion. To extend the lifetime of a road surface, transportation agencies will often lay epoxy polymer over the road. The epoxy is topped off with small, hard stones to add friction and prevent skidding on the slick epoxy layer. These stones are referred to as overlay aggregate or wearing course.

Armorstone is a durable, anti-skid overlay aggregate that meets the standards of over 40 state agencies.

Armorstone meets the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHA) recommendations.
Armorstone is polish resistant, abrasion resistant, and durable, per FHA recommendations. It is also rigorously washed, dried, and graded before bagging. The FHA’s tough specifications make friction-wearing course challenging to manufacture in the United States. Armorstone is one of the few products in the U.S. that meets these specs.

Armorstone is a strong, affordable alternative to calcined bauxite.
Although calcined bauxite is typically recommended for its hardness and durability, it usually has to be imported from overseas, which makes it more expensive.

As an alternative to calcined bauxite, Washington Rock developed Armorstone.

Armorstone meets the standards of over 40 state agencies.
Armorstone is not only more affordable but has also been accepted by several state DOTs as a satisfactory alternative to calcined bauxite. Armorstone also meets the standards of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

We deliver to US territories in addition to all fifty states.
Washington Rock has delivered overlay aggregate to Michigan, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, and St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.

Armorstone is available in 50-pound bags.
We deliver the majority of our product in four-panel Super Sack containers. They are made of a woven polypropylene container that is 100% recyclable. We can also make and palletize 50-pound bags.

We also work with epoxy manufacturers.
Our clients include E-Chem LLC, Unitex by Dayton Superior, The Euclid Chemical Company, and POLY-CARB by Olin Epoxy.

Washington Rock now supplies calcined bauxite.
Some states, like Washington State, require that calcined bauxite be used for high-friction surfacing treatments. Washington Rock now supplies both Armorstone and calcined bauxite to cover all of your needs.

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