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Organic topsoil in custom blends.

Our topsoils have been used locally by homeowners, gardeners, and landscape supply companies. We offer a variety of standard mixes and can also blend a custom soil for you.

Mounding and Building Yards
If you need a basic fill for your yard, Unscreened Sandy Loam is the way to go. It is mined directly from the banks of King Creek Pit, so it contains sandy loam and various sizes of round rock. It may also contain organic materials such as decomposed wood.

Our Basic Topsoil is an inexpensive way to mound and build up areas. It is a screened sandy loam that meets the WSDOT Type A material specification.

Growing Gardens
3-Way Topsoil is a blend of clean sandy loam and compost that is well suited to flower beds, gardens, and new lawns.

Our product meets the planting bed soil requirement for Post Construction Soil Quality required by Pierce, King, and Thurston counties.

Garden Mix is a blend of 50% clean sandy loam and 50% organic yard waste compost. It’s an excellent choice for gardens and raised planter boxes. It drains well and provides lots of nutrients for plant and vegetables.

Rain Garden Soil Mix is a blend of 60% well-graded sand and 40% fine compost. The City of Seattle uses it around retention ponds and in rooftop gardens. It is free draining, and the compost helps retain moisture.

Other Products
In addition to these products, we also make Rootzone Mix for ball fields.

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