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Round Rock for Drainage and Landscaping

Whether you need drainage products or landscaping solutions, our round rock products do the job in style.

Landscaping Applications
For dry creek beds, many customers use River Rock, Streambed Boulders, and Streambed Sediment. If you need help determining which products to use, you can send us a message through our quote request form. Our products have been used for running water features as well.

We also supply Drain Rock and River Rock for garden borders and house edging.

Playground Materials
Pea Gravel is a popular choice to fill playgrounds. We can also supply 7/8” Drain Rock if you want a larger product. Check out a playground before/after photo with tips on getting the right product type and quantity for your playground.

Drainage Material
Drain Rock can be used as a fill material around pipes. Gravel Backfill is specifically designed to meet state specs for construction-grade drains and dry wells.

Drain Rock and River Rock can also be used strategically where gutters drain or where water erosion naturally occurs. Learn more about erosion solutions in our blog article “Preventing Erosion.”

Concrete Aggregates
Concrete Aggregates are graded especially for concrete and asphalt manufacturers.

Fish Habitat and Streambed Restoration
Washington Rock is one of the few suppliers in Washington State that can customize streambed products to individual river restoration projects. Contact us for a free quote.

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