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  • Customizability
    We can customize a soil mix to meet your project’s specifications.
  • Statewide Reputation
    Our soils and infill sand have been used on everything from high school fields to professional fields like CenturyLink Field.
  • Knowledgeable Reps
    Our team members are extremely well versed in soils and sands and can get you the product that best fits your needs.

Fields all over the Pacific Northwest use Washington Rock’s topsoils and infill sand.

From Federal Way High School to CenturyLink Field, our topsoils and infill sand have made their way into the best fields in the region.

Our infill sand is combined with other materials to stabilize fields and cushion gameplay.

Our infill sand is typically spread over fields along with a springy component, such as crumb-rubber pellets, coconut husk, or cork. The infill mixture acts like a topsoil for athletic fields. When a new athletic field is installed, infill is spread onto the athletic field, filling the space between the synthetic grass fibers in order to support the fibers, stabilize the field, and cushion the playing surface.

A typical field contains over 150–375 tons of infill mixed with other materials.

Our infill sand is clean and bone dry.
Our infill sand goes through a rigorous wash cycle and is then kiln dried in our bagging and drying plant.

Washington Rock also manufactures soil for fields.
Our infield mix is a proprietary sand, silt, and clay mix used around baseball diamonds. We have a standard mix on hand, but we can design a mix to the architect’s or engineer’s requirements. We can add in amendments to any mix as well, ranging from Turface to Axis—the sky is the limit.

Our rootzone mix is a custom blend of sand and organic materials. We can also customize the specifications of the mix based on the architect’s or engineer’s requirements. We have a large variety of sands to choose from. We can also add the desired amount of organic additive, ranging from compost to peat moss, to achieve the correct end product. These mixes are made to order for each individual customer or project.

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