workers pouring cement over gravel close up of gravel parking lot gravel road into shopping center gravel sidewalk in front of shopping center outdoor seating area at Safeway that covers up a gravel foundation pile of gravel in front of shops shopping center at Pioneer Crossing in Puyallup with a finished road gravel road past drive thru gravel next to shopping center side of a Safeway store where concrete covers up the gravel foundation


Date: January 2019-November 2019


Pioneer Crossing is an 87,000-square-foot shopping center that includes Safeway, Starbucks, MOD Pizza, and other brands. Washington Rock supplied construction aggregates to contractor Tunista Construction and subcontractor Pivetta Brothers.


27,000 tons of Pit Run and Gravel Borrow
9,400 tons of Ballast
6,900 tons of CSBC
4,200 tons of Crushed Clean Materials
2,700 tons of Quarry Spalls
1,400 tons of CSTC
660 tons of Washed Utility Sand
250 tons of 7/8" Drain Rock


Washington Rock provided over 50,000 tons of construction aggregates for the shopping center. The shopping center serves an area with the "second fastest growth of any submarket in the Puget Sound Region," according to PMF Investments.

The News Tribune featured the opening of Pioneer Crossing in an article. Read more info on the PMF Investments property page.