aerial view of a riding arena and red barn curtain framing the entrance of a gravel event venue filled with tables, chairs, a dance floor, and barrel bar tables barrels stacked against a wall with gravel in front white stable next to a gravel path and green lawn wood interior of a red barn with barred stalls for horses gravel driveway leading down a hill to a horse pasture horses trotting around a sandy gravel arena gravel driveway winding through trees gravel path around the corner of a red barn larger size of gravel next to a smaller size of gravel


Date: April 2021


The Hidden Farm is a working horse farm and event venue in Buckley, Washington. Every year, they use Washington Rock's ¼” minus Trail Mix gravel to turn their riding arena, stables, and barn into an impressive wedding and event venue.


166 tons of 5/8" Minus
67 tons of 1-¼" Minus
34 tons of Pea Gravel
33 tons of Trail Mix Gravel


In 2021, The Hidden Farm completely renewed all of the gravel paths and driveways on their properties using Washington Rock's ¼” minus, 5/8" minus, and 1-¼” minus. They also added pea gravel to their horse paddocks.

Read the full article about the project on our blog: "A Horse Farm Turned Wedding Destination: The Hidden Farm."

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