bike rider crossing bridge dry creek bed running through forest boulders lining paved trail boulders lining paved trail gabion basket filled with rocks next to paved trail rock stacked inside wire basket


Date: Phase 2 and 3, August 2018-May 2020


The Pipeline Trail is a 15-mile trail extending from South Hill in Puyallup to the Tacoma Dome. It provides recreation for outdoor activities as well as commuter access. Each phase increased the accessibility of the trail and added lighting as well as traffic signs and signals to make the trail safer to use.

Phase 2 completed a 2.4-mile segment of the trail, including a shared-use path between East 40th Street and East 48th Street and an on-street trail between East 40th Street to the D Street Bridge. The contractor for Phase 2 was Johansen Construction.

Phase 3 was a $2.5 million project that completed a 1.4-mile segment extending from East 56th Street in Tacoma to East 72nd Street at Waller Road East. The contractor for Phase 3 was Tucci & Sons.

With all phases of the Tacoma project completed, Pierce County is planning on extending the trail from East 72nd Street and Waller Road East to 94th Avenue in South Hill in 2022. The trail will eventually connect to the Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail in South Hill. The goal is for the Foothills Trail to eventually join up with the Pipeline Trail, creating an impressive trail network.


400 tons of 3- and 4-Man Rock
200 tons of Quarry Spalls for gabion fill
60 tons of 4-Man Streambed Boulders
60 tons of Permeable Ballast


Washington Rock's products stand out. Gabion cages filled with our quarry spalls extend along several miles of the trail. Our quarried rock can even be found next to the bridge across Swan Creek. Three- and four-man quarried boulders separate lanes of the trail near Waller Road.

The News Tribune featured the completion of Phase 2 in an article. Read more about the Pipeline Trail phases on the City of Tacoma website.