river rock and logs on a shoreline under construction man fishing on a shoreline made up of round river rock rock shoreline under construction kayakers on a beach made up of round rocks rock path of a construction zone yellow steel chairs on a gravel patio with a view of Portage Bay yellow close up of the steel legs of chairs in a gravel area construction area of a shoreline yellow steel chairs in a gravel patio facing University Bridge woven netting on top of river rock child's feet on a variety of colorful round rocks aerial view of kayakers on a beach made up of round rock aerial view of kayakers taking off from a beach made up of round rock


Date: October 2018-November 2019


Fritz Hedges Waterway Park is a 3.5-acre park located near the University of Washington on Portage Bay. The park includes a pier, kayak launch point, beach, lawn space, terraces, and gravel patios with seating and sculptures. Washington Rock provided materials to contractor Orion Marine Contractors.


13,400 tons of City of Seattle Type 17 Aggregate (Gravel Borrow)
2,200 tons of Fish Mix
1,200 tons of City of Seattle Type 2 Aggregate (CSBC)
1,200 tons of Light Loose Riprap
750 tons of Quarry Spalls, including a Custom Mix
500 tons of City of Seattle Type 9 Aggregate (Pea Gravel for Drainage Layer)
400 tons of City of Seattle Type 28 Aggregate (1" Drain Rock)
130 tons of 1½” Round River Rock (Drain Rock)
150 tons of City of Seattle Type 22 Aggregate (¾” Clean Crushed Gravel)
40 tons of Trail Mix Gravel
15 tons of 7/8" Drain Rock
15 tons of City of Seattle Type 1 Aggregate (CSTC)


According to a Seattle Parks and Recreation press release, "The project provided extensive shoreline restoration and enhancement to support native species including juvenile salmon." Washington Rock produced a custom quarry spalls mix as well as a fish mix blend to meet the requirements of the project. In total, we provided 16 different products that met the City of Seattle's strict standards.

The park won a 2021 WASLA Merit Award in General Design, Public Ownership.

Read more about the park on the Fritz Hedges Waterway Park page. You can also check out the Seattle Parks and Rec press release.

"After" photos by Stuart Isett.