Date: May 2018-Present


The $112 million Mud Mountain Dam Fish Passage Facility will be the largest trap-and-haul facility in the United States. Fish listed under the Endangered Species Act, along with other fish, will be transported around the dam through this facility. The new facility will be able to handle up to 60,000 fish per day and up to 1.2 million fish per year. The project is incredibly important in helping continuing efforts to recover the salmon population.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers posted a video that shows our rock being used to construct a diversion channel through which the White River will temporarily be rerouted. KOMO News covered the groundbreaking ceremony for the new facility. Learn more about Mud Mountain Dam on the USACE website. Feature photo courtesy of Fueled Photography.


9,300 Tons of 1¼" Minus Road Base, Grade 1
2,200 Tons of Light Loose Riprap
1,800 Tons of CSBC
920 Tons of Heavy Loose Riprap
180 Tons of ¾" Clean Gravel
90 Tons of Gravel Backfill for Drains 9-03.12
30 Tons of 4"-8" Quarry Spalls
30 Tons of Washed Utility Sand
20 Tons of 5/8" Minus


Washington Rock has provided over 14,500 tons of material for the Fish Passage Facility project as of March 2019.