Date: March 2014 – Oct 2014


The new levee widened the river and protected the Orting and Puyallup valleys from flooding. Measuring at 8,100 feet long, the $16.7 million structure widened the river 2-4 times its original size. See video footage of our rock from Pierce County Television. Find more photos on the City of Orting website.


211,000 tons of Levee Fill
67,000 tons of Class 5 Riprap
45,000 tons of Toe Rock
12,000 tons of Jetty Stone


The project was slated to take up to 2 years, but Washington Rock was able to produce and deliver 335,000 tons of material in 8 months. Less than a month after the completion of the job, Western Washington had a week of record rainfall that resulted in the fourth largest flood since 1962. The river crested the banks of the old levee, which would have flooded the town of Orting. Luckily, the quickly completed levee prevented this from happening. The success of the levee was featured in a televised KOMO News story. A guest editorial was also featured in The Seattle Times.

Not only did the levee withstand flood waters, but it also provided a larger habitat for salmon, wetlands for wildlife, and walking trails for the community.

The International Right of Way Association named the Calistoga Setback Levee Project the 2015 Infrastructure Project of the Year. Orting won a 2015 Municipal Excellence Award from the Association of Washington Cities. Engineering consultant Parametrix was a national finalist for the American Council of Engineering Companies gold award. Contractor Ceccanti was nominated for a 2016 Construction Impact Award by I Build America.