Date: August 2018–October 2018


Formerly Van Lierop Bulb Farm, Van Lierop Park celebrates the agricultural heritage of Puyallup. The park features multi-use trails with a stunning view of Mt. Rainier. Phase 1 was completed in the spring of 2019. Future phases will see the development of playfields, a playground, the extension of the trail, extra parking areas, and connections to the River Walk and Foothills trails.


2,100 tons of 1½" ASTM 57
300 tons of 4"–8" Quarry Spalls
230 tons of 1¼" Clean Ballast
180 tons of 1¼" Minus (CSBC)
60 tons of 2"–4" Quarry Spalls

Permeable Ballast, Fine Chips from King Creek Pit, and were also used.


Washington Rock provided the rock for the bases of the asphalt paths and paver parking lot as well as the fill for gravel paths. Our quarry spalls were used as the fill for the gabion basket benches and the channel drains. The News Tribune featured an article about the opening of Van Lierop Park. Pierce County Television made a news segment about the plans for the park. For more information about the park, visit the City of Puyallup website.

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