excavators moving boulders next to the Nisqually River levee a river channel with forest and mountains in the background excavator lifting a large boulder large boulders stacked on top of each other to create a deflector next to the Nisqually River levee large levee rocks along a river channel granite rocks in a heart shape in sand with levee rock in the background excavator working with large boulders near the Nisqually River levee levee rock next to a river channel child sitting on playground equipment and looking at building in distance deflector made up of rock and logs next to the Nisqually River levee logs in front of large levee rock a deflector made of rock along the Nisqually River levee with mountains in the distance levee rocks with forested mountains in the background levee rock next to a river channel construction equipment working along the Nisqually River levee river flowing through an alpine valley


Date: August-October 2021


The Upper Nisqually River Levee Retrofit adds deflectors to the bank of the river. The deflectors reduce water velocity and direct water away from the shoreline, slowing shoreline erosion and reducing damage to the levee. Washington Rock provided materials to contractor Active Construction.


6,730 tons of Levee Rock
1,380 tons of 1¼” Minus Tailings, Grade 1
150 tons of CSBC


Washington Rock produced nearly 7,000 tons of oversized quarry rock especially for this project. Each rock weighed between 6 and 15 tons, more than double to quadruple the size of the largest quarry rock typically offered. We are one of the few mines in the region that can produce boulders on demand at this size and with the correct specifications.

Read more about this project on the National Park Service website.

Photos from October 2021 are shown alongside photos from October 2022.