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Landscape Rock and Drain Rock for Rock Walls

Our landscape rock and drain rock provide beauty and strength for your rock walls.

Kapowsin Blue Signature Color
Kapowsin Blue is the name for the blue-gray color that is unique to Washington Rock’s crushed rock products. The color is especially pronounced when our products are wet, such as after rainfall.

Landscape Rock
Our Landscape Rock is ideal for the construction of rock walls, water features, rockeries, and more. You can view landscape projects that use our rock on the Projects page.
Drain Rock
Rock walls should be backed by a drainage system made up of drain rock and a drain pipe to prevent water from building up behind the wall and damaging it. The rule of thumb is that as the height of the wall increases, the size of the drain rock should increase. In other words, a shorter wall can be built with smaller gravel pieces while a taller wall must be built with larger gravel pieces.

Customers typically use 1½ Drain Rock, 2″ Ballast, or 2″-4″ Quarry Spalls. Consult with your engineer or landscape architect to determine the best option.

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